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Discover how Tech Advisors has been a catalyst for growth, innovation, and unparalleled success. From overcoming challenges to achieving milestones, these testimonials serve as a testament to the impactful partnerships we've forged.

Above & Beyond

We often hear when our employees screw up but rarely when they go above and beyond.  I want to let you know Mike in my office came to me this a.m. to say what an outstanding job Roland did last night helping through a handful of issues.  It was late and he had to walk Mike through things for over an hour.  You already know we are very happy with the TA team, but this is a great example of why.

Bob Gorton CPA/ABV/CFF
Gorton & Company, P.C.

Indispensable & Reliable

We can always rely on the Tech Advisors team to deliver prompt service and they have been an indispensable partner when upgrading our systems. Overall, Tech Advisors has provided unmatched customer service with a tremendous quality that has resulted in minimized downtime and disruption. We have peace of mind knowing there is a team of experts behind us, guaranteeing high levels of service and solutions that allows our team to focus on their task at hand as opposed to worrying about IT issues.

Matt Dlugasch Shareholder
Waldron H Rand & CO

We saved money!

We just went to O365 and the guys were here Friday at 3 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. in the morning, and they were fantastic. And since we’ve done the 365 and the managed services, I don’t have to worry about going over budget. We don’t have the expertise nor does it make sense for us to have a fulltime IT person on board.

They know what the trends are and how that will benefit us to serve our client base so that we can do what we do best… They are partnering with you. They are working with you together. I really love working with these guys…I know that if I’m ever down, that they are here in a heartbeat… The visibility and the attention that we’ve been getting are fantastic.

Peggy Crews Controller, Firm Administrator
Coles & Bodoin, LLP

Light Years Above the Competition

Their overall knowledge of IT and how they structure their systems, solutions and price point, all are light years above what other IT providers have done for us…The way they build the technology, the way they architect it, the way they use the cloud – they have a much better sense and understand of how to put it all together… They’ve taken our technology to a whole other level. I could not afford to be down technologically as a company doing what we do: HR, payroll and benefits. We have to be up all the time…But they monitor everything. And they are proactive. They come to us and say ‘we need to do this or we need to do that. They’re phenomenal. I cannot say enough great things about their company.

Jeff Garr CEO
HR Knowledge

Incredible Consultants, True Partnership

Our business by nature has a heavy technical requirement that requires enhanced security and fairly heavy software. We have used several different IT and technical providers in 20 years, but, none that specialized in our industry, know the software we are running and what we should run, and the issues that go with threats to it.

Once we talked with the team at Tech Advisors, we didn’t call any others. We knew we had the right fit.

As a smaller firm, we are careful with our expenditures. There was an issue with software we were using, and we had been told by our previous provider that we would need to make some significant upgrades to our infrastructure to get through last tax season.

After assessing our infrastructure, Tech Advisors team assured us that, while the upgrade that had been recommended would be beneficial, it was not necessary immediately.

The counsel that they provided us enabled us to defer $25,000-$30,000 in expenditures for two years.

Alfred Adovasio Partner
Burke & Raphael, LLC

Ahead of the Curve

Given Kevin’s and Konrad’s previous background as CPAs, I know they have an innate understanding of our business. Their industry knowledge means that they are already familiar with the software our firm is using and are able to help us immediately whenever we need support. Additionally, they know what needs to happen to make sure our company – and our clients – are protected from cybersecurity threats. Working with Tech Advisors provides a level of reassurance I have never felt with any other technology company.

Therese Turpin Firm Administrator
Samet & Company PC

Downtime no longer an Issue

Given that we’re a New England business, we’re frequently affected by weather, but I can’t close up shop every time we’re predicted for a Nor’Easter (which last winter would have meant the whole month of March!).

Last February our Wayland location lost power for three days. Because we keep our server in the cloud with Tech Advisors, our employees could work from home or in our Shrewsbury location. Everything ran smooth, and we were back to normal in Wayland as soon as the power returned, almost as if nothing happened.

Tech Advisors has given our company the ability to run smoothly no matter the weather – allowing our employees to work safely from home when necessary, while still providing them with opportunities for collaboration. They’re ready for anything!

David Lorenzi & Michael Okenquist Partners
Paresky Flitt & Company, LLP

A team I finally trust!

In terms of technology, my business is unique in that I can’t have any downtime during tax season. It’s just not possible. And I trust them that that’s not going to happen. The last thing I worry about in this business right now is my technology situation.

Robert Gorton Founder
Gorton & Company, P.C.

Incredible Support

We look to Tech Advisors for their counsel on what we need and what we may need in the future as our firm continues to grow.

We strive to be cutting edge in all we do, and that include technology. Tech Advisors never skips a beat in keeping us up to speed on the latest breakthroughs.

Going through the uncertainty of COVID-19, it was especially important for us to be responsive to our clients’ needs. Having the technology that enables us to do that is key.

Scott Sagan Partner

Tech Advisors client since 2014

I have paid for a great deal of IT Consulting, with varying results. Tech Advisors is the best dollar spent, by far.

Richard Yost President
Rye Incorporated

10 Years Greatly Appreciated

For over a decade, Tech Advisors has been our dedicated partner in ensuring all facets of our technology environment run smoothly. They understand that downtime is bad for business and so their responsiveness – weekdays, evenings, weekends – is fantastic and ensures we can provide uninterrupted service to our clients. Further, Kevin and Konrad are our strategic partners, keeping us up-to-date with emerging technologies and systems, implementing what makes sense for us and thereby enabling us to keep pace with our competitors. They and their staff are dedicated professionals who are great at what they do so that we can keep our focus on being great at what we do!

Stephen Feron Managing Partner
Johnson O’Connor

Improved our Operations with Cloud Support

We had been hesitant to move to cloud technology, but after learning about Tech Advisors’ TA Cloud powered by Coaxis, we knew this was the right move. We’ve improved our data security while boosting collaboration, and have a service that is secure, reliable, flexible, and affordable.
The move was seamless, and this decision is by far the best one we’ve made for the health of our organization.

Steve Crompton President
Crompton Sales, Inc.

We Count on Tech Advisors

Working in the healthcare investment and consulting field, it’s extremely important to be connected 24/7 and protected against cybersecurity threats. Tech Advisors ensures and manages the security at my office by upgrading our networks and services whenever necessary. Their goal has always been to protect our IT infrastructure and systems , so we can focus on our clients. I can always count on the Tech Advisors team take care of us.

John L. Brooks III Managing Director
Healthcare Capital

Tech Advisors Client Since 2002

It is a tremendous opportunity for small businesses to have access to Tech Advisors’ unique set of skills. Their combined knowledge of accounting and technical expertise proved invaluable to us at CAPCO. They were a pleasure to work with, and they offer the total package at a very competitive price. They really are ahead of the game.

Lee Cook President
CAPCO Energy Supply


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