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In the realm of cybersecurity, achieving and maintaining compliance is a multifaceted endeavor. From navigating a complex web of regulations to safeguarding sensitive data, organizations must proactively address cyber threats to ensure not only regulatory adherence but also the overall resilience of their operations. This is where our expertise comes into play.

At Tech Advisors, we specialize in cyber compliance and risk management solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of experience in deciphering regulatory frameworks, implementing best practices, and fortifying your digital infrastructure against evolving cyber threats.

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What is Cybersecurity Compliance?

At its core, cybersecurity compliance means adhering to the standards and regulatory requirements set forth by some agency, law, or authority group. Organizations must achieve compliance by establishing risk-based controls that protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) of information. The information must be protected, whether stored, processed, integrated, or transferred.

What is Risk Management?

Cybersecurity risk management is the process of identifying an organization’s digital assets, reviewing existing security measures, and implementing solutions to mitigate security risks that pose threats to the business and clients.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides a comprehensive, flexible, repeatable, and measurable 7-step process for managing information security and privacy risk, called the Risk Management Framework (RMF).

Cybersecurity risk management is an ongoing process for all organizations as the external threat landscape is continuously evolving on a regular basis.

NIST Framework

How Does Tech Advisors Deliver Compliance & Risk Management?

CyberGuard 360 is a platform that allows Tech Advisors to assist clients with maintaining compliance for a variety of governing entities, and their regulations.

Cybersecurity awareness training, security shorts, simulated phishing, policy management and deployment, dark web monitoring, employee reporting, risk assessments, and compliance scores can all be easily monitored and managed by your team, and ours, using the user-friendly portal.

When activating Tech Advisors Advanced Compliance Services, our team fully manages the tools and resources as well as the deployment of company policies and procedures, and management of employee adherence.

Our Client Relations Manager, Jim Young, is the main point of contact who coordinates with clients’ internal staff to properly monitor and manage the oversight of the policies and procedures, employee adherence, tools, and resources implemented for the specific needs of the organization.

Our Tech Team works behind the scenes to make sure that everything, including the security features, are up-to-date and working effectively for a well-protected, secure network.

Cyberguard 360

Watch this quick video to learn more about Policy Management.

Watch this quick video about Risk Assessments.

Watch this quick video on phishing and Simulated Phishing.

Watch this quick video to learn more about Dark Web Monitoring.

Watch this quick video for the importance of Security Awareness Training.

Galactic Scan

Galactic Scan is another powerful tool, for risk management, that allows Tech Advisors to conduct a deep-analysis network penetration test to observe any open-entry access points, security weaknesses, outdated definitions and algorithms, hidden viruses, or stolen credentials that can be a danger to the network and organization.

With Galactic Scan, Tech Advisors can conduct network penetration tests and deliver threat intelligence through vulnerability analysis reports for your team’s review. Visit our Network Penetration Test webpage to learn more.

Annual network penetration tests are quickly becoming a standard for a well-rounded information security plan.

Written Information Security Plans (WISP) are already a standard requirement for many governing regulations and must be annually assessed and updated.

Tech Advisors provides WISP solutions for proper documentation and management with regular updates and reviews.


Compliance Packages

CyberGuard 360 and Galactic Scan allows us to provide compliance services to clients for priceless peace of mind, at an affordable price.

Compliance Basic

Standard Compliance Solution


  • Cyber Risk Index Scores
  • Cybersecurity Trainings
  • Weekly Security Shorts
  • Newsletters
  • Documents
  • AD Sync


  • 5 User Minimum (or minimum rates apply)
  • Onboarding Fees (Typically 10 hours)

Compliance Advanced

Advanced Compliance Solution


Standard Compliance Features Plus:

  • Policy Management & Support
  • Simulated Phishing
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Risk Assessments
  • Annual Network Penetration Test
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • WISP Management


  • 10 User Minimum (or minimum rates apply)
  • 50% Discounted Onboarding Fees (Typically 20 hours)

Onboarding Processes

For compliance services, the onboarding processes vary depending on the different documents, tools, and resources required by your solution plan.

The onboarding for the Standard Compliance Solution will require deployment of the foundational compliance documentation as well as the different tools and resources for security trainings, and internal policy management.

The onboarding for the Advanced Compliance Solution will require additional deployment of risk management tools and resources, HIPAA compliance documentation, and a thorough Written Information Security Plan (WISP).

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