In 2021 a local bank was hacked for $6 million worth in damages, and due to lack of compliance, lost their insurance claim and received nothing in aid.

State and federal regulations are requiring that businesses, whom handle personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI), increase their security awareness,  emergency protocols, safe practices, and security infrastructure; and, insurance providers are cracking down significantly on claims due to the rapid rise in successful cybercrime attacks.

Tech Advisors has built a service that ensures these topics are continuously monitored and managed to prevent any successful data breach, potential lawsuit(s), and state and federal fines that may arise from cyber-attacks and governing audits. Here are a few common governing entities that businesses must adhere to: SEC, SOC, HIPAA, DOL, N.Y SA, CCPA, and 201 CMR 17.  Tech Advisors Compliance Services adheres to all known regulations by providing these services and protocols:


Compliance Service Offerings

TA Guaranteed

Written Comprehensive Information Security Program

• Built for the size, scope, and type of business you operate
• Containing the resources available to your business
• Containing the amount of stored data your team possesses

• The need for security and confidentiality of both consumer and employee information

Designation of Responsibilities and Protocols

• Tech Advisors manages and maintains the written information security program (WISP)
• Designating an internal employee as the IT coordinator to manage the WISP internally
• Identifying and assessing reasonably foreseeable internal and external risks to security, confidentiality, and integrity of electronic or paper records of personal information

Evaluating & Improving Current Safeguards

• Tech Advisors evaluates potential risks continuously by performing regular risk assessments (internal audits)  

• Manages and maintains the continuous cyber security awareness trainings for employees  
• Manage employee compliancy for policies and procedures
• Detects and prevents potential security system failures

Develops & Maintain Security Policies

• Tech Advisors delivers and maintains security policies for the storage, access, and transportation of records containing personal information  

• Imposes disciplinary measures for violations of the comprehensive information security programs rules  
• Prevention of terminated employees access to the network

Overseeing Service Providers Associated

• Tech Advisors assists in taking the reasonable steps in selecting and retaining third-party service providers that can maintain appropriate security measures in protecting personal information   

• Assists in the management and collaboration of trusted third-party service providers   

Physical & Practical Management of Security Program

• Tech Advisors delivers restrictions and recommendations on the physical access to records containing personal information   

• Monitors and maintains the protocols and procedures for operating in a manner reasonably calculated for the prevention of unauthorized access or use of personal information

• Reviews and updates the scope of security measures annually or when updates are required for the integrity of a secured network

• Documents responsive actions taken in any incident involving a breach of security, and mandatory post-incident review of events and actions taken to improve practices and security  



Computer System Security Requirements

• Tech Advisors deliver secure user authentication protocols   

• Advises on password managers, MFAs, and advanced email security features required and recommended for your needs.      

• Designates user IDs and other identifier rules and procedures

• Delivers encryption of all transmitted and stored records and files containing personal information on all devices and communication across the network

• Provides up-to-date versions of system security agent software including malware protection, anti-spam, anti-virus and the updated patches associated


 Starting at $1,140/mo

Security & Compliance

 Starting at $995/mo

Managed IT, Security, & Compliance

Starting at $ 850/mo

Prices change when building unique solutions

Price per product/service lower when adding Managed IT and Network Security Services