The Ultimate Guide To Confidently Protecting Your Business and Assets From Today’s Threatening Cyber Storm of Hackers, Data Theft and Ransomware



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It’s no longer a matter of IF your business will be targeted and compromised by cyber-attacks, it’s a matter of WHEN. In 2021, cybercrime cost the world $6 TRILLION, and ransomware attacks are up 800% today! And once hackers break in and steal your employees’ information, your customers’ private data, or YOUR personal info, that’s when you wake to see the damage from the cyber storm – major financial loss, fines, lawsuits, lost business, and a PR nightmare that could bring down your business.


    How today’s cyber storm will result in a FLOOD of COSTS and WEEKS of WASTED TIME and what you can do NOW to prevent an attack


    The 4 CRITICAL STEPS you must take the absolute first second you realize you’ve been hacked to minimize the fallout from the storm, including data theft and financial loss – this can be the difference between life and death after you’ve been hit.


    Your current data BACKUP is likely giving you a FALSE sense of security. Discover why most Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans fail and end up in massive data loss and fines


    The seemingly harmless ways your employees are unintentionally OPENING THE FLOODGATES for hackers and how to arm them as your first line of defense


    Discover the 8 CRUCIAL STEPS to protecting yourself from fines and lawsuits


    And more!

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    Reviews of "Cyberstorm"

    Thought provoking, insightful and a bit frightening, Konrad Martin brings awareness to the problem of cybercrime that many would prefer to ignore. A necessary read for all owners and management of small to medium size businesses.

    Therese Turpin

    Firm Administrator, SametCPA

    “I have known Konrad for many years now and we have worked with him and his team for many years protecting our data/information at the highest level and protecting our company from being hacked.  There are few in the industry that have his span of knowledge in the IT field and the best part about it is he is a student of the game always learning more to keep his clients protected.” 

    Jeffrey C. Garr

    Managing Director, HRK/Hilb Group

    Telling people about the perils of cybercrime is a strong message – especially that most SMB owners think they’re too small or too insignificant to be hacked. Outlining the steps that business owners should take and what they should (and shouldn’t) allow employees to do is a very clear blueprint. Any business owner who reads it will come away with good information…

    Jim Farrel

    Founder, PR First

    I read the excerpt from your book, Cyber Storm, and was blown away by the statistics on cyber crimes committed against smaller businesses. You are right – we all think we are too small to be targeted, and this makes us complacent and even more vulnerable. This is an excellent summation of the threats, the defensive weaknesses we are willfully ignoring, and the steps necessary to to thwart the bad guys who prey upon companies like mine. Thanks for keeping this critical risk management issue front and center.

    Bill McDonough

    Managing Partner, Scribendi Digital Marketing

    This is a very easy read, which gets to the heart of what business owners need to be aware of as it relates to cybersecurity, without the technical jargon. You provide a concise and simplistic outline of the steps we all should and could be taking to protect our company’s data.

    John D. Geraci, CPA

    Managing Partner, LGA CPAs and Business Advisors

    I thought SMBs, because of their size and relative limited financial resources, would not be a major target of cyber criminals.  I now realize the importance of paying special attention to the weak points in a company’s operating protection systems, and that the utilization of a third party expert would appear to be the most efficient way to address the security/compliance issues.

    Jay Nuss

    President, Jay Nuss Realty Group, LLC

    I want the book! This was so easy to read and informative. As a layman I could follow the importance and the ramifications associated with not knowing how to protect yourself, company, clients and information. I go to a doctor for expert medical advice so don’t you think I should go to an IT expert for IT protection and advice!

    Kenneth H. Platter

    District Sales Coordinator, Aflac

    I found the material to be very informative. It provides good guidance for companies.

    Denver Gibbs

    CEO, Gibbs Software Solutions

    Definitely well written and easy to understand.  Certainly important information for companies to have a clear understanding of in this day and current world events.

    Chris LeSiege

    Mass General Hospital