IT Consulting for CPA Firms

Receive customized solutions and IT guidance on a project or ongoing basis

Whether you need a business continuity plan, a VoIP system for your entire company, or need to conduct a company-wide data migration, we’ll form a team just for you and provide start-to-finish management to ensure your project finishes on time, stays within budget, and is of superior quality.

Our highly-experienced consultants thoroughly assess your IT system and learn about your business to provide personalized advice on cutting-edge technology solutions that align with your goals. First, we identify any technical gaps and/or opportunities to improve your current technology solutions. Then we assess the project’s feasibility in terms of budget, labor, and schedule. Once everything is set, we implement the plan and oversee the entire project to make sure your newly installed solutions effectively empower you and your employees and boost your company’s profit.

Tech Advisors’ Projects and Consulting services help you with:


    Company or department-wide technology projects


    Advisory services to address operational bottlenecks


    Technology installations


    Comprehensive IT assessments

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    Managed IT Services



    Cloud Services

    Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


    VoIP Communications

    Technology Partners