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Technology is the last thing your office needs to worry about, and downtime can be the difference between a five-star review and seeing your clientele diminish.

When partnering with an IT managed service provider there are a few things to consider that will ultimately make a difference for your business and your patients.




Doctor Tech


Do they understand the technology and business line applications that your office uses?

To say that all IT professionals are the same is to compare an orthodontist to an optometrist. Each technician and each provider have a unique set of skills for the specific technology that they service and it’s vital to make sure they work on your unique systems and software before activating a contract or partnership.

If your office uses EHR, PHR, RPM, HMS, IMS, MDS, mHealth, Telemedicine, or E-Prescription software, Tech Advisors can efficiently and effectively service your needs.


Can they resolve your issues in a timely fashion?

This corresponds with the skill sets and experience working within the scope of your business’s technology and the open capacity for that team or technician to service your needs when you need it.

Many providers outsell the capacity for which their team of technicians can service their clients’ needs in a timely fashion, which then passes the downtime onto the patients and processes creating poor reviews and a potential decrease in patient retention.

Recognized as one of the fastest providers in New England, Tech Advisors is successful by growing internally at the same rate as our clientele. We provide our clients with a portal to request tickets for services based on the priority of that request. If the request is an urgent concern, our team of technicians can turn those around in less than 15 minutes for most tasks.



Does the price match your budget for IT and cybersecurity?

5-10% of annual revenue approximates what to spend on your IT and cybersecurity needs. Some businesses invest even higher to ensure that there are no internal or external risks to the business and clients.

State and federal regulations for businesses who handle PHI have increased significantly and the fines and exposure for lack of compliance can be just as damaging to the business as an actual breach in the network.

Tech Advisors offers competitive pricing and will work with your team’s budget to provide the best solution for your business’s needs.

Working with Tech Advisors

We diagnose the problem, prescribe the solution, and manage the health of your technology and business.

Tech Advisors brings over 100 years of combine experience from our incredible team of technicians and engineers. We work with cutting edge technology and research to stay ahead of the competition and the bad guys. We partner as a liaison for communicating with your vendors and negotiating lower costs. Our team delivers onsite and virtual support for fast and efficient problem-solving solutions, and we can provide security awareness training for your staff to enhance their understanding of how to detect oncoming threats and how to protect the network at all times.

Speak with one of our strategist today to get a better understanding of how we can improve your operations.

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