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Tech Advisors is comprised of a team of skilled professionals with deep experience in the technical and practical aspects of IT management, cloud accounting and cybersecurity. Our recommendations are consistently made with an eye on both technical proficiency and business efficiency.

“Yes, we know what software our clients use and the compliance regulations they need to meet. But, more importantly, we know firsthand the heavy workload and stress CPAs have to deal with around tax season. We know the unique intricacies of what they need, how critical it is to keep their clients’ financial information safe and how they often work around the clock, sleeping in their office to meet deadlines. That understanding allows us to be more than just two guys who can fix PCs, but a trusted advisor, a colleague, who can provide advice and support during the most difficult times.” 

Konrad Martin

Tech Advisors provides IT support and cloud computing services for CPA firms and other growing companies in Massachusetts, throughout New England, and across the country. We understand how business and technology work together, providing a unique link to help clients bridge the gap between the two. We realize that some of the larger financial decisions that you face focus around your computer technology and IT needs, and we know how to help your make the best choices for your organization.

Tech Advisors is owned by twin brothers Konrad and Kevin Martin, along with co-founder Jeff Bell. Both Konrad and Kevin are CPAs and come from a family of CPAs, including two older brothers. The 14-person firm, which maintains offices in Mansfield, Massachusetts and Lantana, Florida, is on target to service a total of 116 clients this year, the majority of whom are CPAs.

We are continuously evolving and growing to keep pace with innovations in technology. The evolving nature of IT means that we no longer face geographical restraints when serving clients. We bring our complete knowledge of managed IT, compliance, security, and cloud computing to virtually any organization, in any location. We recently welcomed clients in Buffalo NY, Palo Alto CA, Dallas, TX, Michigan and also work with international clients.


A Foundation in Finance

The professional trajectory of Konrad and Kevin Martin has been anything but “by the numbers,” even for twin brothers who are CPAs by trade.

Two decades ago, both Konrad and Kevin were working for accounting firms and building their careers in corporate finance. Today their company, Tech Advisors Inc., is one of the fastest-growing outsourced IT support firm in New England that specializes in IT support for CPAs. Konrad serves as president and CEO, while brother Kevin is the firm’s chief technical officer.

Sadly, a family tragedy is what initially got them involved in high tech. Back in the ’80s, their brother, another CPA running his own firm, fell off a roof and was paralyzed. Wanting to offer support, the local Lion’s Club donated a computer to help him keep his business running. Konrad and Kevin dug in and learned everything they could about computers and tech to transform their brother’s business from a paper-based system to a digital system using a software called Pencil Pushers. Since then, they’ve merged their two passions, technology and accounting, to help other CPAs run more efficient, profitable practices.

Born and raised in Bangor, Maine, the twins have plenty of career overlap, but are otherwise “polar opposites,” which makes them perfect partners. Konrad describes his brother as “very technical, detail-oriented and structured” and himself as “outgoing” and “excellent at building relationships and connecting with clients.” Both excel at understanding and using technology.

Today they provide a wide range of IT-related services including cloud computing, security, backup and disaster recovery, and compliance. But what their clients appreciate most is their deep knowledge and experience in how CPAs work.

Meet the Team

Company History

Expanding Our Reach into the Cloud

Tech Advisors soon expanded to offer IT services outside the scope of the accounting industry. Although remaining a “go-to” source for CPAs – to the point of helping to write the WISP (written information security program) for the Massachusetts Society of CPAs – our client roster quickly expanded to include law firms, property management companies, medical and dental practices, manufacturers, distributors, architects/engineers, and insurance agencies.

Tech Advisors was an early advocate of Cloud computing services, offering clients a secure and familiar working experience with an immediate increase in security and compliance. Tech Advisors has also expanded Compliance and Cybersecurity offerings by offering Compliance as a Service, along with cybersecurity reviews, risk assessment, and remediation.

While our firm began serving clients in the greater Boston region, the evolving nature of IT means that we no longer face geographical restraints. We are able to bring our complete knowledge of managed IT, compliance, security, and cloud computing to virtually any business in any location. We recently acquired clients in Buffalo NY, Palo Alto CA and also work with international clients.

Tech Advisors will always evolve and grow to keep pace with innovations in technology. Our services have always met or exceeded the needs of our clients and continue to expand to incorporate the most innovative technologies available.


Our Technical Engineering Team is comprised of an talented group of technicians who maintain top industry certifications in order to resolve your issues faster. Our certifications include:

MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

MCTS - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate


COMPTIA Network+

COMPTIA Security+


Dell EMC Certified

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