CoManaged IT

Tech Advisors Can Help!

We work in many co-managed partnerships. Some businesses come to us with internal IT personnel but no one that specializes in cybersecurity. Other businesses come to us for specialized networks but want to keep their current IT personnel for day-to-day responsibilities. Whatever the case may be, our team is friendly and works well with others.

TA AI Shield

How Does It Work?

The first step would be to schedule an introduction meeting for us to better understand what it is that you need from our team.

We want to learn these things:

  • What exactly does your team need?
  • How big is your team that we are assisting?
  • Who are we working with to assist your team?
  • What are their current and future roles and responsibilities?
  • What would our roles and responsibilities be? (What service do you need?)
  • When do you want to implement these strategies?

After learning about your business and how we can best assist your organization, we can then plan and prepare for onboarding the systems we need in place for efficient operations. During this time we will be meeting with whoever manages the oversight of the IT, any and all current IT personnel, and members of the Tech Advisors staff on an as-need basis to efficiently and effectively migrate all processes in a swift and orderly fashion.

After onboarding, we will coordinate with management on a regular basis to manage and update the technology and security continuously.

How Can We Help?